A Long List of Questions; A Very Short List of Answers

The administration’s development and release of an “Implementation Plan” to deal with pandemic influenza is a helpful start – but no more than that. Few if any states or cities are taking the steps needed to protect their citizens.

The Creation of New Surge Capacity

Very few U.S. hospitals have enough beds, operating rooms, or the medical staff & equipment needed to deal with a truly major disaster. Many warnings have been issued, but no plans are yet in place to deal with a worst-case scenario.

A Message from the Publisher, May 24, 2006

Immigration “reform”-however that term is defined- has suddenly become one of the most important and contentious issues on the U.S. political agenda.

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum, Chief to the National Guard Bureau

Full Commentary Audio Segment OneImplementation of the National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters-State that enables a governor to coordinate military units in support of first responders. How it is built from

Dr. Denis Onieal, Superintendent, FEMA's National Fire Academy

Podcast Dr. Onieal discusses professional development of skills for terrorist-incident response in the context of development of standard fire-service skills. An overview of the NFA curriculum http://www.usfa.fema.gov/ and the linkages to state

The NCR's Homeland Security Plan for the D.C. Area

It started as an innovative approach to the prevention of bank robberies. Today, the same multi-agency approach is being used, with increasing effectiveness, to detect, prevent, and/or deal with the consequences of terrorist attacks.

Dr. Denis Onieal, Superintendent, FEMA's National Fire Academy

Full Commentary DomPrep’s John Morton met with Dr. Denis Onieal, Superintendent, FEMA’s National Fire AcademyDomPrep has divided the 25 minute interview into four segments.Audio Segment One: The National Fire Academy’s (NFA’s)

Management of Dead Bodies in Disaster Situations

“The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is pleased to present this manual, which will be very useful for authorities and those responsible for disaster prevention and response.” Mirta Roses Periago,
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