ZUMRO Announces Innovative Universal Awning System for Trailers

As a unique and effective way to expand the functional workspace of emergency personnel, ZUMRO, Inc. has developed the Universal Awning System.

For over 25 years, ZUMRO, Inc. has been recognized as a leading provider of rapid-deployed air shelters to the public safety industry. 

At the heart of this new system is a three-sided air shelter which has been specially designed to work in conjunction with a trailer.  It can be rapidly deployed by one or two people, then quickly attached to the side of the trailer using a proprietary hardware system.  

The Universal Awning System can virtually double the usable interior workspace of almost any trailer.  It can help to convert an equipment trailer into a command post, rehab, triage, or any other type of functional emergency structure.  It can also greatly increase the square footage of trailers already being used for those applications.  When stored in its carrying case, the Universal Awning occupies a small fraction of its deployed footprint.  This is due to ZUMRO’s very efficient “case to space” ratio. 

Every awning unit is equipped with three doors, including a removable connector panel.  This feature allows connectivity and complete interoperability with other ZUMRO shelters in the field.  Available options include HVAC ducting, insulation, windows, and pre-installed LED lighting. 

The Universal Awning System is a custom engineered product, and can be designed for almost any existing trailer.  This range incudes 14’ equipment trailers to 36’ gooseneck style rigs, and larger.  Even a full 53’ tractor trailer can be matched with a Universal Awning.  It is an innovative and effective way to maximize existing assets, and get the most out of budget dollars spent. 

For more information on the Universal Awning System, please contact ZUMRO, Inc. at 1-800-932-6003.  Or visit our website at zumro.com.

About ZUMRO, Inc. ZUMRO, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of inflatable emergency shelters made in America for over 20 years! ZUMRO shelters offer the easiest, automatic quick deployment in the industry. ZUMRO shelters offer interoperability, versatility, strength, and portability. Available in over 8 sizes with countless options and accessories, ZUMRO has got you covered.

For more information, contact: Chrissy Gagliardi Phone: 800/932-6003 Email: Chrissy@zumro.com