Protecting GPS Satellites, Signals, and America Webinar

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is essential to the nation’s economy, safety, and security. Its positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services have been integrated into so many critical applications and infrastructure that homeland security officials have called it a “single point of failure for critical infrastructure.”

This makes GPS a high-priority target for non-state and nation state adversaries. Government reports released this summer have discussed serious and growing threats to all U.S. space assets from Chinese and Russian anti-satellite weapons. “Kamikaze,” “Russian Doll” and “Kidnapper” satellites as well as terrestrial lasers, have all been added to on-going concerns about signal jamming and spoofing.

Increasing the threat to the United States are terrestrial Chinese, Russian, and Iranian systems that provide their populations GPS-like services making those nations less vulnerable to disruption of space-based services. This has created a technology “resilience gap,” a strategic asymmetry which, could easily lead to an escalating series of responses and armed conflict.

The panel will discuss ways the U.S. can deter attacks on and interference with GPS satellites and signals.  Please click HERE to register for the webinar. 

The Honorable John Garamendi, Congressman for the 3rd District of California, and Chair of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee will provide an introduction for the panel, which will include:

Scott Pace Dr. Scott Pace, GWU, Space Studies Institute; Former Executive Secretary, US Space Council
George Beebe Mr. George Beebe, VP for Studies, Center for the National Interest; Author “The Russia Trap”
Greg Winfree Mr. Greg Winfree, Director, Texas Transportation Institute, Former Asst Secretary, US Department of Transportation


Dana Goward Mr. Dana A. Goward, President, Resilient Navigation and Timing Foundation
David Olive Mr. David Olive, Principal at Catalyst Partners, LLC

The webinar will be held on Wednesday the 17th of November from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM EST. More information is available at DomesticPreparedness.com.

To Register for the Free Webinar, please click HERE.

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