National Response Plan

The National Response Plan establishes a comprehensive all-hazards approach to enhance the ability of the United States to manage domestic incidents.

Securing the Global Supply Chain

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Strategic Plan


comprehensive CWA and TIC (toxic industrial chemical) testing was conducted for the EPAs Environmental Technology Verification Program

New Teams Are Providing Enhanced Human Intelligence to Better Support Combat Situations

Team made up of linguists, interrogators and other specialists from the Defense Human Intelligence Service are being deployed to support combat warfighting capabilities.

Port of Calexico To Employ High-Tech Security Equipment

The portal monitors are capable of detecting various types of radiation emanating from nuclear devices, dirty bombs, special nuclear materials, natural sources and isotopes commonly used in medicine and industry.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Homeownership Alliance Release Emergency Preparedness Guide for Homeowners

"The Emergency Preparedness Guide gives homeowners practical measures they can take now to prepare themselves, their families, and their homes for any possible emergencies," said Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

Homeland Security Announces Plans to Test Radio Frequency Technology at Land Borders

The optimal technology will allow for a unique and automatic identifier issued to pedestrians and visitors crossing in vehicles. The benefits of deploying RF technology at the land border allows for the automatic recording of visitors arrival and depart

Senator Frist Urges Support for Bioterrorism Preparedness Act

no longer a question of "if" there would be a bioterrorist attack, but "when, where, and how."

Fact Sheet: DHS Provides Security for Presidential Inaugural 2005

DHS has been working with federal, state and local partners to ensure attendees to the 55th Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies are able to safely and securely enjoy one of the greatest celebrations in American democracy.

Port of Marseilles to Implement the Container Security Initiative and to Begin to Target and Pre-Screen Cargo Destined for U.S.

Under the Container Security Initiative, CBP has entered into bi-lateral partnerships to identify high-risk cargo containers and to pre-screen them before they are loaded on vessels destined for the United States. Today, governments representing 21 countr