Old Dominion University Offers Symposium on the Acquisition, Procurement, and Contract Management Workforce

Old Dominion University (ODU) and the Public Contracting Institute (PCI) are pleased to invite you to a Symposium on the Acquisition, Procurement, and Contract Management Workforce. The Symposium will provide actionableeas, insights, and solutions, which attendees can use to recruit, develop, and retain the high-performing talent required to support the missions of governmental organizations and programs through acquisition, procurement, and contract management.

 This remarkable day will be filled with in-depth, informative conversations led by distinguished thought leaders in governmental acquisition, procurement, and contract management. The outstanding slate of speakers will include William Shields, the executive director of the American Society for Public Administration; David Gragan, the Senior Procurement Officer for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the chair of the governing board of the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council; and Melissa Starkinsky, the director of the Federal Acquisition Institute.

 The Symposium will provide attendees with best practices and lessons learned, which they can apply immediately to assure that their organizations' and programs' acquisition, procurement, and contract management work forces are capable and responsive. The Symposium will be attended by public servants and others who understand that the quality of acquisition, procurement and contract management directly impacts the quality of governmental operation and service delivery. We hope you will join us in McLean, VA on November 12, 2015.

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