New Handheld Radiation Detector Offers Enhanced Threat Detection, Identification

OAKWOOD VILLAGE, Ohio – Security professionals who are responsible for ensuring public safety by detecting, locating andentifying radiological threats can now simplify and accelerate their work using a new handheld radiation detector with nuclideentification capabilities.

The instrument, the Thermo Scientific RadEye SPRD (Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector), builds on the success of previous generations of Thermo Scientific radiation detectors by adding a new operation mode forentifying nuclides. Equipped with a 1,024 channel analyzer, the RadEye SPRD gives non-expert users the ability to perform initialentification of radioactive materials found in the field. Thermo Fisher Scientific designed this next-generation handheld instrument to easily detect andentify common nuclides of interest – including cesium-137, cobalt-60 and more.

“In security situations involving radioactive materials, quickly and accuratelyentifying the precise nature of the threat is mission critical,” said Bernd Friedrich, product line manager for radiation measurement and security instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The RadEye SPRD represents our continuing commitment to ensuring that the professionals responsible for keeping the public safe from radiological threats always have access to the best tools possible.”

In addition to its nuclideentification capabilities, the RadEye SPRD offers:

  • An expansive library of nuclides of interest, which allows a security team leader to create custom alarm profiles for their team;
  • The same easy-to-use, portable design common to the Thermo Scientific RadEye instrument platform, which has been trusted by security professionals for years; and
  • Sophisticated software that allows the instrument to distinguish between background radiation and nuclides of interest automatically.

Thermo Scientific is one of the premier brands of Thermo Fisher Scientific. More information on the Thermo Scientific RadEye SPRD can be found at www.thermoscientific.com/sprd, or by visiting www.thermoscientific.com.

About Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with revenues of $17 billion and 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We help our customers accelerate life sciences research, solve complex analytical challenges, improve patient diagnostics and increase laboratory productivity. Through our four premier brands – Thermo Scientific, Life Technologies, Fisher Scientific and Unity Lab Services – we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support. For more information, please visit www.thermofisher.com.

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