New FEMA Flood Map Service Center

FEMA has announced a new Flood Map Service Center. A series of major changes, including a complete site redesign, have taken effect on the MSC. All flood hazard products are now available free of charge, and the former products catalog has been replaced with an integrated Search All Products feature that allows you to find and download all products for a geographic area. The enhanced Search By Address enables you to download FIRMs and LOMCs directly from the search results page. As a result of these changes, the MSC Store, the Digital Post Office (DPO), Express Document Delivery (EDDie), and EDDie for Disasters tools are no longer required and have been discontinued. Finally, all users are now able to sign up for free email notifications of when new products of interest are released.


To learn more and view a summary of the changes, please see the New FEMA Flood Map Service Center factsheet.

For more information , visit FEMA's Flood Map Service Center.