National Association of State 911 Administrators Announces 911 Regionalization Resources

(Released 31 May 2016) Woodbury, Vermont - The National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA) announces a new Web page containing tools and resources to help local and state 911 managers and authorities provide leadership and support for the regionalization of 911 systems.

“The FCC’s Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture approved a report in January 2016 which, among other things, encouraged regionalization as an effective way to implement Next Generation 911. NASNA has built on the January report by collecting and making publicly available tools and information to help state and local 911 administrators take the next step,” said Harriet Miller-Brown, NASNA’s president.

Resources available on NASNA’s new Web page include:

  • The January 2016 Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture report 

  • Examples of inter-governmental agreements and legislation on the Planning Considerations page 

  • Examples of incentive grants on the State Coordination and Funding Incentives page 

  • Case studies, and 

  • Study reports, papers, presentations and testimony 


About NASNA – NASNA represents state 911 programs in the field of emergency communications. Incorporated as an Oregon non-profit in 1994 and 501(c) (3) non-profit in 2001, NASNA is the voice of the States on public policy issues impacting 911. NASNA members believe that state 911 leaders’ expertise can assist industry associations, public policymakers, the private sector, and emergency communications professionals at all levels of government as they address complex issues surrounding the evolution of emergency communications. 

NASNA’s mission is to promote information sharing among those states with programs dedicated to implementing 911 emergency telephone systems, assist other states with resolving issues necessary to accomplish statewide implementation and maintenance, encourage the establishment of a coordination person within each state or province,entify and recommend minimum standards for 911 emergency telephone systems,entify and recommend appropriate legislation or rules concerning the administration of statewide 911 telephone system programs and serve as a knowledge resource for the membership of the Association. 

Contact: Evelyn Bailey, Executive Director National Association of State 911 Administrators  Phone: (844) 381-3635  Email: evelyn.bailey@nasna911.org

Released by NASNA. Click here for source.