MSA Develops the Most Streamlined SCBA Ever Produced

To the First Responder Community let us to introduce you to the most comfortable, streamlined, balanced, configurable, and customizable self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that we've ever produced:  The G1 SCBA from MSA.

MSA's long-standing commitment to the fire service industry began nearly 100 years ago. And our goal has remained unwavering: to provide dependable, high-quality products, instruments and service that will help to ensure a safe return home. Over the years, we have harnessed new technologies that produced exceptional protective equipment.  Based on feedback from firefighters and First Responders, like you, we have taken that to a new level and developed the most advanced, intelligent, user-friendly SCBA available today.

Features The MSA G1 SCBA is an integrated, feature-rich solution to your SCBA needs.  Notable features include:

  • The MSA G1 Facepiece is lightweight and compact.  By eliminating all electronic components we have reduced the weight by more than ¾ of a pound
  • The customizable Control Module provides dual color LCD and analog displays
  • Increased situational awareness through 360° of three-stage buddy lights and upgraded reflective material
  • The newly designed Heads Up Display (HUD) has been integrated into the MSA G1 Regulator and brought to the user through innovative light pipe technology; this new design provides the user with a clear line of sight to their remaining air status, as well as critical alerts and alarms
  • Loud and clear communications come standard on every MSA G1
  • MSA G1 SCBA intelligent weight distribution improves comfort, balance and fit
  • Central power system for all electronics – a single battery source powers the entire unit; uses either alkaline or rechargeable battery
  • Cylinder attachments are available in easily-upgradeable threaded or quick-connect
  • Integrated technology for future expansion
  • Customizable — Built to meet your specific needs

Expected Availability Upon receiving NIOSH and NFPA approvals

At MSA, everything we do is done with your safety and comfort in mind because “When You Go In, We Go In With You...” http://msafire.com/breathe/

For more information, contact: Wayne Shelton Government Sales Manager Email: Wayne.Shelton@msasafety.com