Hydrant Boosters Solve Rural Fire Suppression Problems

The Self Testing Hydrant Booster (STHB) by Darley is changing the way rural communities approach fire distribution systems. With eight systems successfully installed in the field at rural fire departments and small commercial settings, the benefits are beginning to come to fruition.

In Corrales New Mexico, Chief Martinez was faced with a problem: lack of reliable water pressure at their water reservoir located in the middle of town.  The existing 120,000 gallon water tank relied on gravity to dispense 500 gallons per minute at 22 psi.  As the water decreased, the flow and pressure also decreased; causing further unreliable fire protection in the community.  Working with Darley,  The Self Testing Hydrant Booster system has solved this problem.  The Village of Corrales now has a reliable 1000 GPM and 55 PSI consistently throughout their fire distribution system.

“Living on well water does not bode well for reliable fire suppression systems,” said Chief Martinez, “Rural areas do not have public water and major pumping stations that larger urban areas are accustomed to.  The Hydrant Booster System provides a cost effective, retrofit solution to enhance our fire distribution system to give our community an urban water pressure feeling.  The system feeds the central main that is connected to three fire hydrants.”

The advantages that this system provides to the community are enormous and felt by everyone.  For example, the Church in Corrales recently expanded and required a sprinkler system.  The Church came to the fire department for support and now the enhanced water distribution network provides a solution.  The Church expanded their water pipes half way towards the new distribution system and tapped into the pumping station.  The sprinkler system in the Church is now connected to the distribution center, allowing them to meet the code and provide reliable fire protection.  “This is the first ever in Corrales,” said Chief Martinez, “ Along with that, in the event of a fire in the community, any fire tanker can pull up to the station and be refilled at a 1000 GPM pace.  The existing 120,000 gallon tank is much more versatile than before.”

“We love our hydrant booster system,” said Chief Martinez, “There is already another location slated for a mile down the road.  We will install a 30,000 gallon tank, build another pump room and supply 1500 GPM to an 8 inch pipe main with three fire hydrants in a business corridor.”

The ISO committee will review the City of Corrales ISO rating this summer.  Currently the Village of Corrales is a combination 7/8.  The fire department expects the evaluation will go down with the new modifications to the fire distribution system.

Darley can mix and match various pumping solutions to meet your needs.  Let us know how we can help provide water solutions for your department.  To get your project started email jeremytaylor@darley.com