FSI North America Announces Debut of DAT3060S-HFR-H Decon Shower System

FSI® Fire Safety International, Inc. ® is a full line supplier of Portable, Mobile, and Fixed Hazmat Decon Showers, Shelters, Field hospital and Isolation Shelters as well as EMS products such as Medical Field Cots, Disposable Back Boards, Triage Tape Systems, and other items such as Rescue Boats, and Safety Tank Showers and drench/eyewash showers.

The FSI® DAT®3060S is a three-line wide (4', 5', 4' – 1.2 M, 1.5 M, 1.2 M), 3 or 4 -station Mass Casualty Decon Shower System which handles two or three parallel lines of casualties at the same time in three or four sequential stations --- (1) undress, (2) detergent shower # 1 - (3) rinse shower # 2 OR handle 2 personnel in separate showers simultaneously in each lane, (4) redress. This unit deploys in under two  minutes, and when configured as a three-line system the DAT®3060S processes up to six ambulatory persons at a time or 3 non-ambulatory persons on stretchers simultaneously – or any combination.

When configured as a 2-line system (this is accomplished by removing the two center divider curtains that make the unit a 3 – line unit and hanging the true middle center divider curtain included with ever DAT®3060S) this unit processes two non-ambulatory patients on stretchers or up to 4 ambulatory personnel in a two-line wide (6.5', 6.5’ -- 2 M, 2 M) configuration.

Undress and redress stations are dry (plumbing is possible and optional); Four (4) shower stations include 3 showerheads and one hanging coiled ½”/13 mm hose line with attached multiple function spray nozzle which thoroughly drenches and decontaminates via a fine water mist. The two (2) middle line shower stations include two hanging coiled ½”/13 mm hose lines with attached multiple function spray nozzles. There are a total of 20 water discharge ports as standard. Shutoffs and quick disconnects supplied with every group of shower heads and trigger gun. As an option -- by configuring the changing areas on both ends as decon showers one can double the capacity as detailed above.

If an optional detergent injector is used then the shower # 1 station can be used for detergent cleansing and the shower # 2 station may be used for rinse.

Wastewater is contained within integral 13’ W (3.96 M) X 12’ L (3.65 M) ground floor and 6”/15 cm berm erected when system is initially inflated (holds 300 gallons/1200 liters of waste water before pump-out is required).

Includes separate “dirty” entry and “clean” full sized exit doors, 9 (nine) 1/3rd cross divider curtains, 3 (three) center divider curtains to separate lines 1 and 2 (or lines 1, 2, and 3), two windows, 2 skylights, 2 – ¾” (19mm) High pressure 300 psi (20 bar) GHT threaded inlet hoses – other fittings available as specified, reflective air vents at each end, reflective striping on each end to delineate built in decon pool. All canopy walls are velcro’d to the floor air berms for air lock.

These professional decon systems can be inflated either with high pressure air from a scba/ scuba tank, with an electric inflator, or with compressed air from any available source.

All FSI® decon showers are ANSI # 113 compliant

Standard colors are FSI Blue®, Green, White.

The DAT3060-HFR-H Complete Hazmat Decon Shower System includes the following:

1) DAT3060-S Portable Hazmat Decon Shower System with inflator/deflator, tie down stakes, repair kit, SCBA connector and carrying case.

2) FSI HEAT 200A – Heavy Duty Water Heating system

3) F-HSP – Hand Sprayers (Quantity 4)

4) F-GH – Additional hose (Quantity 2)

5) F-RS – Conveyor System for Non-ambulatory personnel (Quantity 2)

6) F-EM-8 – 5 pack Adult Disposable Backboards (Quantity 1)

7) P-1225-0500-STL – Stringable lighting system (Quantity 2)

8) F-WSP33A – Submersible Pump (Quantity 1)

9) F-TDMSPC – Elevation Grids (Quantity 9)

For more information, contact: Mark Conron Phone: 440-949-2400 Email: markconron@fsinorth.com Website: www.fsinorth.com