FAS Shelter System - A New and Innovative Rapidly Deployable Solution

BELTON, S.C. – Worldwide Disaster Response Group™ and Mobile Response Shelters™ recently announced the launch of the FAS Shelter System, one of the most lightweight, easy-to-use shelter systems in the industry, to their product offerings.  Designed with efficiency and durability in mind, the FAS Shelter Systems were built for the first-response industry - providing temporary shelter and housing in emergency situations, where timeliness and dependency are critical. The FAS Shelter System is a resilient, modular, reusable, and cost-effective solution to an extensive array of shelter needs and requirements and is suitable for nearly all purposes in support of military, fire, police, emergency services, and private agencies.

“We are pleased to offer a simple and dependable shelter solution to our clients,” said Michael Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Disaster Response Group. “When you are out in the field, time is of the essence. With FAS Shelter Systems, it has never been easier to set-up a command, communications, rehab, decon, field triage, medical or special operations center that can withstand genuine 
in-field demands.”

The FAS Shelter System’s unique self-supporting design, constructed out of robust, rip-stop vinyl and aluminum, is user-friendly and the basic shelter can actually be up in less than one minute using only two people – no special tools or skilled labor. The FAS Shelter Systems are available in a smaller square footage format, measuring 12 feet by 15 feet. With that said, however, multiple FAS Shelter Systems can be joined together through door openings to create scalable shelter complexes. Additionally, the FAS Shelter Systems feature roll-up window openings and holes for standard HVAC ducting for trouble-free environmental control capabilities. The Shelter System can be purchased with or without a floor and/or hard case for safe storage. Once placed in the storage case, the FAS Shelter System can effortlessly be positioned in the back of a truck or sport utility vehicle for transporting.

Worldwide Disaster Response Group and Mobile Response Shelters also offer a full line of shelter system support equipment and accessories to supplement the FAS Shelter Systems. Support equipment and accessories include lighting, insulation upgrade, power generation units, and environmental control units. Additionally, Worldwide Disaster Response Group offers custom-built response trailers, which can be utilized to transport the shelter and equipment, as well as extend the overall footprint of a shelter.

About Worldwide Disaster Response Group Worldwide Disaster Response Group, based in Belton, South Carolina, is an established industry leader and has proudly enjoyed serving its community and clients for over 15 years. WWDRG specializes in designing, building, and sourcing the highest quality, most dependable emergency, disaster, and mass fatality response equipment. The primary mission at WWDRG is to provide fighters, defenders, and responders with total solutions to critical situations all over the world. WWDRG strives to provide its clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that its products will be ready, reliable, and rapidly deployable in the face of all emergencies and disasters. For more information about the FAS Shelter Systems, please visit wwdrg.com and click on the Mobile Response Shelter brand or call toll-free 1-866-266-1693.

For more information, contact: Lauren Taylor Phone: 864-261-5151 Email: lmt@trailerlogic.com