DSA Detection Threat Training Kits

In today’s world security professionals are tasked with detecting, countering, and mitigating many different types of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s), gun, and edged weapon threats. To prepare security officers to counter this threat training is conducted to teach them what the threats are and how toentify them.

The task of training security personal how toentify and detect these types of threats has always been difficult due to the inability of using real threats for training. This issue forced training to be done with visual mocks up of the threats. The problem was that these visual mock ups would not respond in the screening technologies like the real threats. This has created many problems in training and in many cases teaching security personal incorrectly.

Efforts to correct this issue resulted in the development of x-ray correct simulated explosives. However these materials did not look like the threat they were representing and were never an accurate visual training tool. These materials also had many negative aspects in the fact they require MSDS and are typically very expensive.

Until now DSA Detection has perfected a patented process that provides visually correct threat training aids that will respond in screening systems just like the real threat. X ray system have to ability to automatically detect any material that has a density and average atomic number that matches known explosives. The systems do this by placing a red box around that material.

DSA Detection x-ray correct threats look, feel and respond in screening technologies just like the real threat. This unmatched capability provides security professionals the ability to train to a standard that has never before been achievable. The below image is of a DSA explosive simulant being auto detected in a computed tomography (CT) x-ray system. CT systems are the most accurate detection technology on the market today.

DSA Detection manufactures a complete line of threat kits that cover all of the different types of threats that can be encountered in today’s world. The DSA Threat Kits will respond in all of the different types of screening technologies just like the real threats they simulate. Each simulant matches the density and average atomic number of the threat they are simulating. All of the items in the DSA kits are non-hazardous and require no special handing or material safety data sheets (MSDS). The DSA Threat kits look, feel, and will respond just like the real threat and will provide your security staff an un-matched training capability at an affordable cost.

DSA Detection Threat Kit technology is the breakthrough that the industry has been looking for and provides a capability that has never before existed in a single package. The advanced capabilities of the DSA kits and accuracy will ensure that security personal will be trained to an exact standard.

For more information, contact: Lourdes Coleman Director of Sales & Marketing Phone: 978.975.3200 x. 136 Email: lcoleman@dsadetection.com