Chinook Medical Gear Introduces Mass Casualty Critical Intervention Kit

DURANGO, Colo. – Chinook Medical Gear has introduced a new Mass Casualty Critical Intervention Kit (LEMK-MCCI). Based on recommendations by the Hartford Consensus Conference, the kit provides medical supplies needed to save lives in mass casualty and active violence incidents. Supplies in this kit are intended to enable rescuers to control severe hemorrhage, manage serious chest wounds, and establish an airway.

Recent studies show that since 2009, the United States averages one mass casualty event per month. The lessons learned from these events highlight the opportunities for improving casualty survival by changing our current medical response by first responders. Recommendations of the Hartford Consensus included providing first responders with techniques to perform hemorrhage control similar to what is used currently by soldiers on the battlefield.

The LEMK-MCCI Kit is a lightweight and compact medical kit that provides first responders with systematically organized medical supplies to triage and treat multiple casualties that occur in active shooter/mass casualty events. The LEMK-MCCI features a main zipper pocket that folds flat upon opening for fast emergency response. Inside, the labeled compartments provide easyentification of medical modules organized for severe hemorrhage control; chest wound and basic airway tools.

The pack is designed to provide rescuers with equipment to perform critical interventions on six patients and provide supportive medical care for additional casualties. The Rapid Triage Ribbon Module provides EMS responders with an easily applied and inexpensive tool to quickly categorize patients in order to facilitate care and evacuation in a mass casualty event.

"There is no easy solution to stop the trend of mass casualty events," notes Jessica Denison, COO with Chinook Medical Gear. "But with the guidance from lessons learned, new procedures, adequate preparation and emergency medical equipment, first responders can improve the chances of survival for those who become casualties in these tragic and unfortunate events."

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