ADASHI Hazmat Response Delivers CAD Enterprise Solution

BALTIMORE, MD – Empowering responders and incident commanders to work across jurisdictions, ADASHI software offers a comprehensive and intuitive approach to hazmat response. The program integrates computer-aided dispatch bringing an enterprise solution for rapid response and coordination.

The products – ADASHI First Response and Command Post, and XEROX’s FH Mobile Response software powered by ADASHI – provide emergency managers and first responders with the most critical tools for getting on scene faster, with the information necessary to perform at your peak.

“The key for us is to automate certain response processes,” says Alex Menkes, ADASHI CEO. “We’ve created software whose predictive capabilities shave minutes off response times.”

New South Wales, one of the largest firefighting operations in the world, has implemented ADASHI’s enterprise-system.

“It's a very sophisticated system that links in to our computer aided dispatch system. When there's a large incident like a factory fire where there's a lot of people involved ADASHI helps us manage our people, where our resources are and aids in communication between all the relevant parties.” - Chief Information Officer, NSW Fire and Rescue.

When the call comes in, ADASHI’s system delivers an accurate picture of the situation as it evolves. Data collected from networked chemical, biological and radiological sensors and detectors gives an up-to-the-minute understanding of conditions on the ground. Using realtime weather, the program generates ALOHA/CAMEO aerial dispersion models.

Relevant site-layouts, hazards, preplans, MSDS, PPE, SOPs appear automatically. Custom map views with local GIS provide the intelligence managers and responders need. This means that responders can adjust their maps from terrorist to natural disaster views to hazmat views to medical-response views with the touch of a single button.

The system iseal for everyday use on basic response, but when a major incident occurs, the ADASHI software really shines, translating those daily tasks into easy to follow operational coordination. “ADASHI performs in all situations from a basic call to a critical emergency,” says Troy, Illinois Fire Chief Engledow.

For tactical coordination and safety, the program’s touch screen interface maximizes speed. Map sketch tools make it easy to designate evacuation zones, staging areas, hazmat depots, strike team positions and areas of approach.

Similarly, Incident Commanders can drag-and-drop roles and assign resources in real time directly onto the incident map so everyone gets on the same page, fast.

"We used ADASHI on a substantial incident -- an overturned rail car -- and it was great to get real-time weather and aerial dispersion modeling,” observed one Brampton Fire Dept firefighter. “Plus the notes and logging are done automatically; and that’s great.”

“ADASHI is giving critical response personnel software tools to make their lives easier,” says Alex Menkes, ADASHI CEO. “We partnered with Xerox because both of us are interested in getting life-saving software into the hands of those who need it.”

The Xerox FH Mobile Response integration means that anyone using Firehouse software to track occupancies and build preplans will get this information instantaneously in the field. No need to ask for the information; no need to search for it. ADASHI and FH Mobile Response know where you are, and what information is relevant – video, images, charts, diagrams – anything to help protect lives is at your fingertips.

To learn how your team can get there faster, arrive informed, and manage intelligently, contact www.ADASHIsystems.com at 877.563.9980 x1 or http://www.firehousesoftware.com/products/fh-mobile/response.php

About ADASHI Systems ADASHI First Response and Command Post software deliver relevant intel while coordinating response to natural disasters, hazmat technical response, complex fires, terrorist threats, and more. The robust program allows commanders to seamlessly evolve strategy.

Xerox’s FH Mobile Response program (powered by ADASHI) makes critical response smarter, faster and safer.  You can see a brief video overview of the product at http://bit.ly/1hcJXUW

For more information, contact: Brian Pollack Phone: 877.563.9980 x4 Email: bpollack@ADASHIsystems.com