Achieving Data Quality and Integrity in Maximum Containment Laboratories

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) Office of Regulated Nonclinical Studies Presents the FDA Sponsored Course: “Achieving Data Quality & Integrity in Maximum Containment Laboratories”

Course Features: 

  • Cross-education of subject matter experts for advancement of medical countermeasures. 

  • Problem-based learning to enhance data quality and integrity for studies conducted under the FDA Animal Rule. 

  • Interactive lectures, practical approaches, case studies, online modules, expert panels and simulated BSL3/4 laboratory exercises. 

  • Course faculty from academia, business and industry, BSL3/4 laboratories, and the National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR), including FDA and NIH. 

  • Networking with sponsors, scientists, physicians, nurses, pathologists, veterinarians,

  • quality assurance personnel, regulators, agency reviewers, and policy-makers. 

Date: April 25th -29th, 2016  Location: National Institutes of Health Natcher Conference Center, Bethesda, Maryland 

For more information visit: http://www.utmb.edu/orncs/FDA_Partnership  For registration information email: orncs@utmb.edu