Needed: Revisions to Maritime Response Standard

by Ashley Moore -

NFPA 1405 tells land-based firefighters how to respond to fires aboard ships in port. But some essential details are missing, and should be included in future (revised) editions.

Maryland, Georgia, Arizona, & Mississippi

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

This issue: Maryland focuses on assistance grants; Georgia assigns responsibilities to Homeland Security Task Force; Arizona continues TOPOFF4 planning; and Mississippi provides a full calendar of training options.

Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Kentucky

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

A major terrorism exercise is scheduled for Portland, Ore., in 2007. Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha takes a long step forward in bioterrorism preparedness. Knox County intersection in Tennessee becomes a featured player in new SensorNet technology test

Arkansas, New Jersey and Alaska

by Anthony Lanzillotti -

Featured in this issue: The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management sets an ambitious goal; New Jersey Counter-Terrorism Symposium attracts an all-star audience of preparedness professionals; and Alaska focuses on two major summer exercises.

First-Responder Accreditation: The Pros and Cons

by Ashley Moore -

States, cities, and the federal government are moving at flank speed to upgrade their various, and varying, domestic-preparedness and counterterrorism capabilities. But are they moving in lockstep, and headed toward the same goal? No one knows.

February 23, 2005 Report

featuring New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon and Georgia

Business Continuity Planning Standards: A Search for Normalcy

by Ashley Moore -

Provides preparedness models that private sector organizations can use when they want to establish their own "internal" organizational standards

DHS Seeks to Create Higher Standards of Readiness

by Ashley Moore -

The primary HSPD-8 objective is to establish and implement the short and long term policies needed to strengthen the nation's entire first-responder community.