EMS in the Fire Service - A New Trend in Patient Care

by Rob Schnepp -

Tomorrow's fire departments will still fight the flames first. But then they will have other burning problems to cope with - chemical spills, for example; and a fast-growing spectrum of biological hazards now available over the counter or at the local ter

State Defense Forces: An Untapped Resource

by Brent Bankus -

With a high percentage of the U.S. active-duty forces, and Reserve and National Guard units as well, now deployed overseas, the nation's governors may be hard-pressed to cope with in-state disasters. The SDFs provide a quick-response, low-cost, experience

GIS Solutions for Medium and Small Law-Enforcement Agencies

by Jay Kehoe -

The new crop of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) programs are compact, affordable, and immensely useful. The local patrol car can use them to check property records, the underground infrastructure, and even the names and breeds of neighborhood dogs.

The Great Melting Pot of Domestic Preparedness

by Rob Schnepp -

No single entity or agency can fight the war on terrorism, or handle the aftermath of any single battle-alone

Military Plays Unique Role in Consequence Management

by Peter D. Menk -

Lessons learned from post-Cold War missions are being leveraged to enhance the military's domestic-operations capabilities.

Hidden Dangers in the Use of Non-Lethal Technology

by Jay Kehoe -

Intended to significantly reduce the probability of fatalities or injuries


by Rob Schnepp -

Performance Standards Introduced For Rapid Biological Field Tests AOAC International Approves RAMP following US Department of Homeland Security Sponsored Evaluation