EMS in the Fire Service - A New Trend in Patient Care

by Rob Schnepp -

Tomorrow's fire departments will still fight the flames first. But then they will have other burning problems to cope with - chemical spills, for example; and a fast-growing spectrum of biological hazards now available over the counter or at the local ter

Military Plays Unique Role in Consequence Management

by Peter D. Menk -

Lessons learned from post-Cold War missions are being leveraged to enhance the military's domestic-operations capabilities.

Hidden Dangers in the Use of Non-Lethal Technology

by Jay Kehoe -

Intended to significantly reduce the probability of fatalities or injuries

The Great Melting Pot of Domestic Preparedness

by Rob Schnepp -

No single entity or agency can fight the war on terrorism, or handle the aftermath of any single battle-alone


by Rob Schnepp -

Performance Standards Introduced For Rapid Biological Field Tests AOAC International Approves RAMP following US Department of Homeland Security Sponsored Evaluation