The Need for Intelligence-Led Policing

by J. Michael Barrett -

Data + Analysis = Intelligence. The key point to remember not only by analysts & operators, but by senior-level decision makers responsible for making the most effective use of all assets available in the continuing war on international terrorism.

The JTTFs -Jointness at Its Most Effective!

by Christopher Doane, Joseph DiRenzo III, and Jeffrey Robertson -

It started as an innovative approach to the prevention of bank robberies. Today, the same multi-agency approach is being used, with increasing effectiveness, to detect, prevent, and/or deal with the consequences of terrorist attacks.

The NCR's Homeland Security Plan for the D.C. Area

by Brian Geraci -

Plans and protocols, matrixes and models, setbacks and shortcomings - all are in a day's work for those entrusted to ensure, insofar as possible, the safety and security of Washington, D.C., and the surrounding suburbs.

MDA: Anything Associated With the Maritime Domain

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

The nation's port-& maritime-security forces face a daunting task in trying to protect 361 ports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The terrorists have several major advantages - including a few gift-wrapped from the United States & its Free-World allies.

Modern Piracy: A New Global Threat to Security

by Christopher Doane & David Moskoff -

An ancient form of terrorism on the high seas is reborn. U.S. and allied navies on patrol to protect merchant ships, cruise liners. Ship owners and operators install self-defense systems.

Magnum Force: ICE and Its JTTF Partners

by Franklin Kirby -

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement works with FBI & other agencies to thwart terrorist incidents, and the funding of terror networks, in a cooperative information-sharing effort that improves law-enforcement capabilities nationwide.

Army Focuses Inland In Latest Realignment

by Brent Bankus -

A major reshuffling of U.S. First Army and U.S. Fifth Army roles and responsibilities will result in more military muscle being made available for homeland security and the increasingly important DSCA (Defense Support of Civilian Authorities) mission.

Medevac From Iraq: The Lessons Learned

by Peter Menk -

Most U.S. service personnel wounded, injured, or hospitalized for other reasons in Iraq are quickly provided advanced medical treatment. The numerous lessons learned from this experience might usefully be applied to homeland-defense planning.

New Technologies for WMD Detection

by Christopher Hawley -

There is no all-purpose chemical/biological/radiological detection device now on the market, but there are several excellent single- or dual-purpose devices, and more are in the pipeline.

Two Important New Components of National Security

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

The U.S. Coast Guard and DHS's Customs and Border Patrol directorate expand their activities in WestPac and the Far East, enhancing homeland preparedness while building closer relationships with U.S. trading partners.