The Maritime Transportation Security Act Revisited

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

Two years after MTSA went into effect, government and private-sector security experts are taking a long second look at the implementation efforts already underway to determine what additional efforts might be needed.

NIMS and the NCR: Trials and Triumphs at the Operational Level

by Joseph Watson -

The 1982 Air Florida crash begat COG, which begat the multi-jurisdiction National Capital Region, which this year set a major real-time example for effectiveness in uniting a host of different first-responder agencies working together for a common goal.

Some NRP Changes Made - More Are Needed

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

The creation of a National Response Plan to coordinate the activities of the state, federal, & local agencies of government responding to a major disaster was a bold step in the right direction.

NIMS: Is Better Coordination Needed?

by Brian Geraci -

A national master plan had to be developed to cope with future disasters affecting the U.S. homeland. Issuance of the NIMS presidential directive seemed a positive step, but funding & political problems have raised doubts.

The WMD-CST Program: A National Success Story

by Jonathan Dodson -

Special Report on the successful implementation of an innovative plan to provide federal support - National Guard & Air National Guard personnel and resources, primarily - to states and cities coping with mass casualties and/or widespread destruction.

NIMS: A Paradigm Shift for Law Enforcement

by Gary Simpson -

Despite initial concerns, the director of Annapolis Office of Domestic Preparedness reports major gains in federally mandated & funded plan to "enable first responders across the nation to work together in an interoperable response environment."

The Need for Intelligence-Led Policing

by J. Michael Barrett -

Data + Analysis = Intelligence. The key point to remember not only by analysts & operators, but by senior-level decision makers responsible for making the most effective use of all assets available in the continuing war on international terrorism.

The JTTFs -Jointness at Its Most Effective!

by Christopher Doane, Joseph DiRenzo III, and Jeffrey Robertson -

It started as an innovative approach to the prevention of bank robberies. Today, the same multi-agency approach is being used, with increasing effectiveness, to detect, prevent, and/or deal with the consequences of terrorist attacks.

The NCR's Homeland Security Plan for the D.C. Area

by Brian Geraci -

Plans and protocols, matrixes and models, setbacks and shortcomings - all are in a day's work for those entrusted to ensure, insofar as possible, the safety and security of Washington, D.C., and the surrounding suburbs.

MDA: Anything Associated With the Maritime Domain

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

The nation's port-& maritime-security forces face a daunting task in trying to protect 361 ports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The terrorists have several major advantages - including a few gift-wrapped from the United States & its Free-World allies.