New Technologies for WMD Detection

by Christopher Hawley -

There is no all-purpose chemical/biological/radiological detection device now on the market, but there are several excellent single- or dual-purpose devices, and more are in the pipeline.

Two Important New Components of National Security

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

The U.S. Coast Guard and DHS's Customs and Border Patrol directorate expand their activities in WestPac and the Far East, enhancing homeland preparedness while building closer relationships with U.S. trading partners.

Angels on High: CAP Evolves to Meet Homeland-Security Needs

by Brent Bankus -

The Civil Air Patrol, which serves as a valuable and low-cost auxiliary to the U.S. Air Force, continues to change with the times to carry out the new missions assigned to it by its parent service.

The Return of Silence Dogood!

by Rob Schnepp -

One of Benjamin Franklin's first "inventions," resurrected more than two centuries after his (and her?) death, demonstrates that common sense, combined with a wee bit of drollery, may be as useful in the Age of Terrorism as in the Colonial Era.

The Homeport Site: New Internet Port for Coast Guard, Maritime Stakeholders

by Laurie Thomas -

The Coast Guard's versatile & user-friendly Homeport website, designed to link the service's own offices and agencies, has evolved into a valuable research & operational tool open to the public -but retains a secure link only to those with a need to know.

Training: The Cornerstone of True Interoperability

by Rob Schnepp -

Establishing a workable communications network is the first step. But the real key to effective cooperation between units, and between decision makers, at the state, federal, and local levels is training--on a continuing basis.

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Homeland Security

by Brent Bankus -

From the start of World War II to the present day the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has served as a low-cost multi-mission adjunct to the Coast Guard's active-duty and reserve components--and is now working in the front lines of homeland security as well.

The Protection of Critical Infrastructure: Six Questions, a Changing Threat, And an Unknown Number of Algorithms

by Dr. Bilal Ayyub -

The University of Maryland's Center for Technology and Systems Management undertakes a major CI/KR project that will be of vital interest to other states throughout the nation, and to first responders everywhere.

Providing Defense Support to Civil Authorities

by Robert Fitton -

An incisive and comprehensive primer on how the U.S. military can be and is being used to better defend the nation's homeland against terrorist attacks and, at the same time, help civil authorities at all levels of government cope with hurricanes, floods,

Army National Guard Assets and Homeland Security

by Brent Bankus -

The militia tradition continues in the Brave New World of the 21st century, with the Army and Air National Guard playing the lead roles--but all of the nation's armed services are assuming new missions and responsibilities in the field of homeland defense