Homeland Security and Community-Oriented Policing

by Joseph Watson -

The City of Alexandria, Virginia, took the money and ran with it when a DOJ grant was made available. The result was Community Support Group C, which specializes in a broad spectrum of homeland-security missions - and serves as a helpful example.

Partnerships in Interoperability: A Best Practices Model

by Kay C. Goss -

The University of Virginia, the City of Charlottesville, and Albemarle County join forces to develop and deploy one of the most versatile and most capable multi-jurisdiction communication systems in the country.

Washington State's Radiological Outreach and Training Program

by Allen Conklin -

Rather than waiting until the unthinkable becomes the inevitable, Washington State's Health Department moved out - and moved fast - to create an outreach training program that prepares responders to cope with nuclear/radiological incidents.

Building a Strong Emergency-Management Profession

by Kay C. Goss -

One of the nation's foremost experts in the still emerging field of emergency management provides her insider's point of view of the guiding principles - including both a vision and a mission statement - on which this important new field was founded.

Rocks, Shoals, Obstructions, and the SAFE Port Act

by Joseph DiRenzo III and Christopher Doane -

Just in Time! A well-crafted piece of legislation passed two years ago provides the blueprint needed to ensure the full and uninterrupted use of the U.S. port system that is the key to the nation's continued economic prosperity.

Systems and Solutions - The Gateways to Interoperability

by Gary Simpson -

In times of crisis, the communications between neighboring U.S. jurisdictions is still, all too often, a virtual "tower of babble." Advanced technology can solve some of the problems and confusion - but create some costly new problems at the same time.

National Guard Takes Center Stage in HD/DO Op Orders

by Jonathan Dodson -

Despite its heavy commitments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. National Guard has been quietly but steadily building up its homeland-defense and domestic-operations capabilities as well - at minimum cost to U.S. taxpayers.

Chlorine Tactics in Iraq; the Challenge to America

by Joseph Steger -

Improvised explosive devices are harmful to children and other living things. Carried in a truck or other vehicle they become mobile bombs - which, combined with toxic chemicals, can kill not only the bodies but also the minds of an entire population.

How to Expand the EMS Talent Pool

by Glen Rudner -

Emergency medical services units are of life-or-death importance at the scene of large-scale incidents producing numerous casualties. But those units are overcommitted and frequently understaffed. Here is how local fire departments can help close the gap.

Area Maritime Security Committess - A Unified Effort for Securing U.S. Ports

by Christopher Doane and Joseph DiRenzo III -

The Coast Guard's Captains of the Port have the primary responsibility for developing effective port-security plans for their jurisdictions, but it has to be an all-hands effort or there will be, in nautical terms, a bitter end.