Joseph Trindal on Law Enforcement Retention

On 18 January 2017, DomPrep’s publisher Martin Masiuk met with Joseph Trindal, president and chief operating officer (COO) at Coastal International Security, to discuss the challenge of retaining personnel in law enforcement and possible solutions for addressing this problem. As long-term personnel retire, so too does their knowledge. Challenges by external forces, escalation of violence toward officers, and technological challenges each can have adverse effects on recruiting and retaining personnel. Possible solutions involve maintaining high standards and vetting procedures for new officers, beginning efforts at the grade-school level, improving public opinion, building community support, leveraging best practices, and training officers on new technologies and community-centric practices. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Podcast: Richard Serino on Leadership in Crisis Communications

At the International Association of Emergency Managers annual conference in October 2016, DomPrep Advisor Anthony Mangeri sat down with Richard Serino, distinguished visiting fellow at Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, to discuss leadership as it relates to crisis communications. An audio of the full interview is now available.

10 Perspectives on Whole Community

DomPrep’s Editor-in-Chief Catherine Feinman interviewed the following subject matter experts from various disciplines to find out their suggestions for improving the “Whole Community” effort in jurisdictions across the country.

Read: "Whole Community," January 2016 edition of DomPrep Journal