Congresswoman Endangers Capitol Security

by Neil C. Livingstone -

When an arrogant and abrasive woman, without presenting proper identification, tries to force her way through a security entrance of a congressional office building, should she be stopped? Or taken at her word that she is a member of Congress?

Dennis Atwood, National Program Manager, MMRS

by John Morton -

The MMRS national program manager discusses the program & comments on how local MMRS managers are planning to use community resources to respond to mass-casualty events until external assistance arrives and is operational.

Nuclear Resiliency: Command Attention Required

by John Morton -

The WWII Manhattan Project mahy serve as the model for a new approach to solve today's homeland-security problems. A major improvement in senior leadership is needed, and a reallocation of resources, but that would be only the start.

How to Build a Protective Wall Along the U.S.-Mexican Border

by Neil C. Livingstone -

Returning illegal immigrants to their own countries will not solve the problem. What is really needed is a strong and constantly monitored high-tech physical barrier that will prevent illegal migrants from entering the United States in the first place.

Major General Michael Kostelnik, USAF (Ret)

by John Morton -

A comprehensive report on how his organization is working with other departments, and state and local law-enforcement agencies, to better protect the U.S. homeland.

Terrorism, LE, and the Relevance of Failed States

by John Morton -

DPJ's managing editor discusses a complex new factor in the terrorism/counterterrorism equation: the dangers posed to the Free World by nations out of control, with nothing to lose, and unable to cope with their own political and economic problems.

Special Report: DOD Solutions for DHS Problems

by Luke Ritter & J. Michael Barrett -

In times of national disasters affecting the U.S. homeland, DHS needs huge volumes of emergency supplies and additional transportation assets. Three combat-tested Department of Defense programs could provide at least part of the solution.

Major General Donna Barbisch, USA (Ret)

by John Morton -

" ... Barbisch prioritizes planning ... when it comes to [providing] medical support in catastrophic-incident responses."

A Score-Card Agenda for Capitol Hill

by James D. Hessman -

Homeland defense will be a key legislative focus this year in both the House and the Senate, with the Department of Homeland Security serving uncomfortably both as a target and, later, as a beneficiary.

2005-A Reflection, 2006-A Challenge

by Martin Masiuk -

2005 began with high hopes and ended with realization that there is much to learn and much to do. Publisher summarizes DPJ's year and outlines 2006 action plan