Article Out Loud - National Preparedness Efforts Among Tribal Communities

By LYNDA ZAMBRANO AND CATHERINE L. FEINMAN, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness, October 11, 2023.

Participants at the National Tribal Emergency Management Council’s annual conference in August shared some key takeaways for tribal and nontribal communities to improve their disaster preparedness efforts. Understanding the concerns and challenges is essential.

Narrated by Bonnie Weidler.

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Lynda Zambrano

Lynda Zambrano is the executive director of the National Tribal Emergency Management Council, a nonprofit organization providing free consultative services in homeland security and emergency management as it pertains to the areas of planning, mitigation, response, and recovery for more than 277 member tribes throughout the United States.

Catherine L. Feinman

Catherine L. Feinman, M.A., joined Domestic Preparedness in January 2010. She has more than 30 years of publishing experience and currently serves as editor of the Domestic Preparedness Journal,, and the DPJ Weekly Brief, and works with writers and other contributors to build and create new content that is relevant to the emergency preparedness, response, and recovery communities. She received a bachelor’s degree in international business from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a master’s degree in emergency and disaster management from American Military University.



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